Status FB Bahasa Inggris Keren Terbaru 2019

Status FB Bahasa Inggris Keren Terbaru 2019 - Kalau anda kirimkan di status fb anda pastinya sangat keren banget sobat dimana kami memberikan info ini buat anda semua yang ingin bisa memberikan status fb bahasa inggris sehingga teman-teman anda juga membaca status facebook anda nantinya sobat.

Status FB Bahasa Inggris

Kata yang terkandung di statu fb ini sangat keren banget maka dari itu langsung saja dapatkan di bawah ini untuk status fb bahasa inggris yang kami berikan di blog raja gombal buat anda semua. Dan jangan lupa lihat juga status fb Cinta dan status gokil disini juga supaya anda bisa menambah status fb anda nantinya oke.

The divorce rate among my socks is astonishing.
I'm using Internet Explorer, I hope this status does not come too late.

Happy New Year!!!
May you have a blessed year.
Vacancy for the post of Girl Friend
Applications are invited for the
following post. The package and
incentives are mentioned below.
Designation : Junior girl friend
Experience : Only freshers are
Other requirements : Height: 155 to
170 cms. Weight: co-related to height
(Note: overweight candidates will be
Age : 18-24 (if the individual is too
good looking but not in the age
group can also apply, special
consideration will undertaken for
them) Height, weight, complexions no
bar, but is subjective.
Perks and incentives / Total gross
( Monthly ) :
· 2 gifts worth not exceeding Rs.
1000/-(no precious metals, stones)
· Chocolates/ Chocobars at a regular gap
of 3 days
· Daily Provision of Samosa/Puffs/Chat
worth Rs. 30 /-
· 1 movie (Family movies only) per
month (on weekends)
· Visits to Shopping Malls every
Weekend on your own expense
Tenure: The probation period is 6
months, after successful completion of
probation, will be promoted to full
time Girlfriend
1. Only females.
2. Ex-girlfriends will be eligible only
if they agree to the above mentioned
There is more: For girls who are not
eligible, can take advantage of the
referral. Program by referring their
friend, colleagues etc.
Candle light or Tube light dinner will
be given on every referral, even if
candidate is not selected.
Interested candidates can send their
resume with
Subject: Name/fresher- exp/age.
Full Photo (Not Passport) must be in
attachment. To the email address

Note: Applications without photo will
be rejected!


*Crush is online* fights with yourself whether you should start the chat or not, *looks at the time* its 2:49 am what if she thinks i am creepy, fuck this shit i'm gonna talk to her in a minute, umm ok what should i start the chat with, should not be lame, should not be cheesy, arghhhh why is this getting so hard! *meanwhile crush goes offline* FUCK FUCK FUCK why didnt i start the chat earlier whaaaeeiiiiiii, I swear to god i will talk if she comes back online just one more chance pleeeaasseeee *crush is back online* REPEATS THE SAME THING ALL OVER !
Question of the day: when was the last time that you saw a music video that was relevant to the actual song?
Next time you go on a roller coaster, take some spare bolts with you and tell the person in front of you “Dude, these came out of your…
Somethings are best unsaid but my brain to mouth filter has never worked right.
I love you with all my butt. I would say heart, but my butt’s bigger.
Want to really creep somebody out? Go on facebook and like every single one of their photos.
We live in a world where wasting a whole life to pile up a whole lot of cash is considered success
You’re the last thing I see when I go to sleep and the first thing I see when I wake up… Phone, I love you.
Somethings are best unsaid but my brain to mouth filter has never worked right.
I love you with all my butt. I would say heart, but my butt’s bigger.

Oke semoga info yang kami berikan diatas menjadi info yang bermanfaat buat anda semua tentang status fb bahasa inggris keren tersebut.

Baca juga status fb keren sob.

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